You can not move forward while looking behind you.

Energetic Body Alignment

$115/HR • $155/90MIN

This session will reconnect you with spirit. It is a transformative experience to free the body of long-held stress patterns.

When congested areas in the body are found, they are dispersed by moving the palms, thumbs, knuckles, and forearms in rhythmic motions. Setting the intention for healing by attuning to the Divine, utilizing prayer, breath, and energy work. In addition to the physical benefits are the emotional releases sometimes felt during and after a session.

Recipients of an Energetic treatment often experience freedom from anxiety, worry, fear and a host of other negative thought patterns, so that the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies can be brought back into a harmonious balance.

Sacred Tantra Body Alignment


Relax and surrender for 75mins of energy body alignment and stimulating touch. Choose from different touch tools and sensations that stimulate the mind and heal the body.  Learn how to run this scared energy through the body utilizing tantra breath and mind to body connection.

You will be guided to occupy a state of acceptance and joy as you allow your body to receive, relax, release and heal.


Tantra Touch Expansion


This is an energetic clearing of everything that keeps you from fully receiving power, creativity, and sensuality – from our session and from the vitality of your life.

This session includes energetic body alignment, Tantra breath, Tantra body alignment, and connection.

Custom sessions are available.