December 21, 2018
It is so easy to look to others to make us feel a certain way. To need others to accept us, to support us, to see us, to validate us and yes, to love us. When that desire is met from something or someone on the outside we experience a sense of joy and maybe a...
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We have replaced the need for touch and intimacy with sex and most of the time porn sex. The belief that sex with someone random, just to have sex,  can replace the healing of touch, of connection is a false and empty belief, but a strong belief for most Americans. We are energy beings and exchanging...
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“When I am a certain weight, make a certain amount of money, am with a certain person, then I will be happy.” Have you ever had the thought of not being good enough in the present moment or attaching your happiness to an experience in the future? Who, what and where you are in life is exactly who,...
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